The 18th Alchemist

A modern take on the after-dinner liqueur coffee, using modern techniques to match the flavour notes in Chivas 18 with a specific single origin coffee from Guatemala.
3ozBlended Scotch, Chivas 18
18drBitters (Homemade bitters, cardamom and orange)
1ozDemerara syrup (fig and vanilla)
7ozWater (93°C)
21 Coffee (grams, Guatemalan Palhu Estate)
Place paper filter in chemex and rinse with freshly boiled water. Remove filter and dump water. Add 90ml of Chivas 18 into the bottom of the chemex and place chemex in hot water bath, 2 inches deep. Place filter back into chemex and add 21 grams of coffee. Coffee should be ground slightly coarser than espresso grind. Mix 30mls of syrup and 18 drops of bitters with 210mls of freshly boiled water in a pouring jug. Add a tiny bit of the hot mixture, enough so that the coffee grounds are wet. Mix with spoon and let sit for 30 seconds. Start to pour the hot mixture in a circular motion (start at the edge and finish in the middle) Once the cone is full, let it drip through and then add the rest of the hot mixture in the center of the cone. Once it has slowed to a slow dribble, discard the cone.
Created for a Chivas 18 competition.
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Created byJonathan, Hawthorn Lounge, Wellington, New Zealand
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Jonny on 12/30/2010
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The 18th Alchemist

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