Thai Basil Bliss

Blanco tequila, Thai Basil, Lime juice, Pineapple, Soda water, Simple syrup
5ozThai Basil (leaves)
4cubePineapple (inch-wide cubes)
1TSimple syrup
2ozBlanco tequila
1 12TLime juice
1splSoda water
In a cocktail shaker, crush 4 basil leaves and the pineapple to a pulp with a muddler or wooden spoon. Fill shaker about halfway with ice and add simple syrup, tequila and lime juice. Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Top with a splash of soda and float last basil leaf on surface.
Published: June 23, 2009 Adapted from "Mix Shake Stir"€ (Little, Brown, 2009)
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Posted byLuK on 04/20/2012

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