Smoked Anise

Vodka, Anisette, Whiskey, Star anise
Stir 15 seconds, julep strain, straight up, cocktail glass, garnish with floating star anise.
"A spicy and smoky drink that would work well at a fall or winter get-together"
"This drink was designed for the Marie Brizard 2008 Cocktail Competition just as I was working on new drinks for the fall. I liked the strong Anise flavor I got from Sobieski vodka and highlighted it with the Anisette, which also highlighted the sweetness from the rye in the vodka. To complement it all, I added just a touch of smoke from Laphroaig and left it at that. The drink is nice and simple with great flavors that are normally challenging in cocktails (anise and smoke)." -- H Joseph Ehrmann
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Created byH. Joseph Ehrmann, Elixir, San Francisco, CA
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
Reference, correspondence from creator to Kindred Cocktails
Posted bymokidugway on 03/26/2011


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H. Joseph Ehrmann kindly wrote back with the original recipe, notes, and an aritcle from November 30, 2008 in the New York Times where it was featured. I have updated the recipe's name, history, date, and reference to reflect these source references.

Thanks, Dan, for doing that, and thanks to H. Joseph Ehrmann.

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I have sought confirmation for Elixir about the name, ingredients, history, and attribution for this cocktail. This is obviously not a relative of a true Martini and perhaps has a better name.

Sounds similar to the Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini created by Audrey Saunders that I saw mentioned on eGullet:

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1/4 oz. whiskey (4 stars)

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