Simmer and Smoke

Bourbon, Maraschino Liqueur, Sweet vermouth, Cynar, Bitters, Simple syrup, Corn Whiskey
1 12ozBourbon
12ozCorn Whiskey, Balcones Brimstone
12ozSweet vermouth, Carpano Punt e Mes
12ozSimple syrup (tea infused, see note)
1bspMaraschino Liqueur, Luxardo
2dsBitters, Boker's
Mix all ingredients in an ice filled shaker and strain into a chilled coupe Garnish with a large flamed orange rind
To make the tea infused simple: Steep two tsps black tea (or Earl Grey) in 4 oz simple demerara syrup. Filter and keep refrigerated. Fee Brothers Aged Whiskey bitters may be substituted for the Boker's
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Created & posted byRoro on 12/17/2012
Ron Rovner, Portland, Maine
AuthenticityOriginal creation


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To clean up the line breaks, moved the instructions for the simple to the notes section. Added some capitalization to the name.

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