Selinon Soother (OG Version)

Gin, Bianco Vermouth, Seltzer water, Lemon juice, Celery syrup, Simple syrup, Lemon peel, Jamaican #1 bitters
1ozGin, Citadelle (fresno chili infused)
34ozBianco Vermouth, Dolin (*)
34ozLemon juice
12ozCelery syrup
14ozSimple syrup
1drJamaican #1 bitters, Bittercube (full dropper)
2ozSeltzer water
1sliLemon peel
Short shake, add seltzer to the tin, double strain, garnish, boom
*Dolin Blanc
This is the OG recipe for the Sellinon Soother that was a little spicier and more celery-intense than the current version available at Eat Street Social in MPLS. Another out of the park classic from this genius bar staff--great heat, well balanced with an almost too perfect caribbean spice note
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Created byBittercube, Eat Street Social MPLS
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Cocktailian on 11/21/2013
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Selinon Soother (OG Version)

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