Saint Valentine

Light rum, Orange liqueur, Lime juice, Ruby Port
1 12ozLight rum
12ozRuby Port
12ozGrand Marnier
12ozLime juice
Shake, strain, chilled coupe
Wondrich recommends Fonseca Bin 27 as the port in this recipe. It has a bright, fruity taste.
The Saint Valentine was created by David Wondrich who is known for his historical take on drinks in books such as Imbibe!. On his Esquire blog, Wondrich shares a recipe for Saint Valentine and suggests using a 'full-flavored white rum such as 10 Cane or Flor de Caña.' Another excellent option for rum is Plantation 3 Stars.
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Created byDavid Wondrich
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Cocktailian on 02/25/2014
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Saint Valentine

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