Roses in the Snow

Gin, Peychaud's Bitters, Club soda, Egg white, Rose water, Lemon juice, Simple syrup
1 12ozGin, Uncle Val's Botanical (or other new world-style gin)
34ozLemon juice
12ozSimple syrup
34ozRose water (!)
1 Egg white
2ozClub soda
4dsPeychaud's Bitters (3-4, as garnish)
Dry shake, shake, fine strain into a highball over ice, top with soda, garnish with bitters.
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Created byElana Lepkowski, Stir & Strain.
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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DrunkLab on 02/08/2014


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That's a whole lotta rosewater - I'm wondering how it doesn't come across like your grandmother's washed your mouth out with soap. I think that Hendricks might be a good sub for the gin if you can't find Uncle Val's.



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Hendrick's is definitely a good substitute, though Val's is even more cucumber-intensive. And the rosewater gave me pause as well; I thought maybe she was using a particularly dilute example, but the brand she links to is as intense as any.

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