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From the fine folks at the Ford Mixology Lab
Stir all ingredients aside from the cherry. Strain into a coupe. Add the cherry.
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Created byKyle Ford and Rachel Ford, Ford Mixology Lab, San Francisco
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bittermens on 02/06/2011


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If you'd be so kind.... I'm fascinated by cocktail theory. Can you explain some of the thought process behind the drink? I've been struggling with the whole Gin + Amaro accord lately, so this is interesting. Thanks in advance.

hi, zpearson! thanks for the question. since i helped create the cocktail, i thought i would help explain it. like most bartenders, i have a fondness for the negroni. our pairing of gin with amaro stems from the negroni's philosophy of pairing gin with bitter campari and vermouth. amari and gin achieve a similar bittersweetness. the addition of aperol broadens that, while a touch of benedictine adds a hint of honey. the bittermens burlesque bitters (floral and peppery) were used to tie all the flavors together. if you have any more questions, please write to us at


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Solid negroni vibe! Used Bombay Sapphire but I think I'll try some different gins in the future. (3 stars)
At amory amargo use beefeater and 1/2 oz aperol. 12 drops bitters.

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