Tom Waits' Jockey tries to make a Singapore Sling
Stir well with ice cubes in a chilled shaker, then pour unstrained into a Collins glass, splash with cold club soda. Garnish with lime.
Improves with increased gin, bourbon, & bitters as the album plays on.
Inspired by the 1985 record when a fellow cardplayer asked for a Sling while in a dry town on the Jersey shore without cherry, brandy, Benedictine or Cointreau..
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Created & posted byjkim07 on 05/30/2014
AuthenticityOriginal creation
ReferenceTom Waits 1985


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Curated this: Removed fresh squeezed from the juices. We trust that you're going to use them, really.



Refernce to another drink of the same name notes- “The Bourbon anchors the cocktail, the Amaro Diesus adds aroma and Angostura bitters gives it complexity.” But can't locate the recipe or Marie Celeste’s Carlos Madriz.

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