Apple brandy, Batavia Arrack, Bitters, American Sparkling White Wine, Honey syrup, Lemon juice, Cinnamon
1 12ozApple brandy, Lairds Bonded
34ozBatavia Arrack, Van Oosten
34ozLemon juice
34ozHoney syrup (wildflower honey)
1dsBitters, Angostura
34ozAmerican Sparkling White Wine, Gruet (float)
1pnCinnamon (as garnish)
Shake, strain, up, float wine, garnish with fresh grated cinnamon bark.
Originally made with pipe tobacco syrup and no arrack. Appeared on the opening menu at KASK.
Cocktail summary
Created byTommy Klus, KASK, Portland, OR.
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
ReferenceGood Ink's The Cocktail Hour: Brandy.
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DrunkLab on 10/23/2013

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