Poison Dart

Bourbon, Cynar, Allspice Dram, Lemon juice, Orgeat, Cinnamon syrup, Orange bitters, Orange peel
2ozBourbon, Bulleit
12ozLemon juice
14ozCinnamon syrup
1dsOrange bitters
1dsAllspice Dram (about 1/8 oz)
1twstOrange peel (as garnish)
Stir, strain, straight up, cocktail glass
Cocktail summary
Created byCraig Hermann, aka Colonel Tiki
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 08/11/2011

From other users

Increased lemon to 3/4 oz and sub'd Becherovka for Cinnamon syrup. A nice Tiki drink. Might be better with Rye and maybe more Cyner. (3 stars)

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