Perfect Storm

Bourbon, Allspice Dram, Lemon juice, Ruby Port, Honey syrup, Orange bitters
1 12ozBourbon, Jim Beam Black
14ozAllspice Dram, St. Elizabeth
12ozHoney syrup (1:1)
34ozLemon juice
34ozRuby Port, Sandeman
3dsOrange bitters, Fee Brothers Orange
In a glass combine bourbon, allspice dram, honey syrup, lemon juice and bitters. Shake and strain into an ice filled Old Fashioned. Top with port.
You could up the St. Elizabeth allspice dram to 1/2 oz if you want, but I like how you get a hint of it in each sip vs. an upfront spice note.
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sjdiaz21's picture
sjdiaz21 on 01/12/2012
Scott Diaz, Seattle, WA
AuthenticityOriginal creation

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