Vodka, Lime juice, Mint syrup, Lime, Mint
3ozVodka, Rain
34ozMint syrup
34ozLime juice
Shake, strain, up, garnish with a lime wedge rested on a pair of mint leaves such that it looks like a bird in flight.
Named for a large leaf used to fan oneself, the Palmyra is, according to Fred Yarm, a "Boston classic" from the early days of the cocktail renaissance. Its huge pour of booze and vodka base speak to an earlier era, but according to Yarm the drink still holds up.
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Created byTom Mastricola, No. 9 Park, Boston.
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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DrunkLab on 09/04/2013


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Rain should really be called for in this. I know it doesn't make a huge difference, but as a Bostonian it's a key point. Plus, this drink is how No.9 gets a bunch of the BT antique collection every year - they threaten to start using a different vodka, and they make so many of these that the distributor relents...

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Didn't know that about No.9 and BT, awesome. Done.

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