Orchard Sour

Brandy, Apricot liqueur, Lemon juice, Cinnamon syrup
2ozBrandy, Germain-Robin (or cognac)
12ozApricot liqueur (or peach or pear)
12ozCinnamon syrup
34ozLemon juice
Shake, strain, cocktail glass
As adapted by Camper English. I can't find the original to compare.
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Created byDarren Crawford, Bourbon and Branch, SF
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christina in tacoma on 11/17/2011


christina in tacoma's picture

Another good model drink. I used Becherovka in place of cinnamon syrup. The apricot liqueur can be replaced by almost any fruity or herbal liqueur- tonight I tried Licor 43, thinking of Dan's Czechers in Paradise.

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I use 1 full oz of lemon juice.

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