Nero's Requiem (Bolero de Nero)

Ale, Campari, Dry vermouth, Lime juice, Serrano syrup, Hot sauce
1ozDry vermouth
1ozLime juice
34ozSerrano syrup
2ozAle, Rogue Chipotle Ale
1dsHot sauce
Shake, strain, add chipotle ale to taste (anything from 2 oz to most of a bottle), float orange slice or lime wedge.
Serrano syrup: 1 cup water | 1 cup sugar | 1 sliced serrano pepper, heated, cooled, strained.
Rome with a View gets the Michelada treatment; someone fiddles.
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DrunkLab on 10/03/2013
Rafa GarcĂ­a Febles, NYC.
AuthenticityOriginal creation


bza's picture

This sounds great. I made a green ghost with a muddled serrano a few months ago, it was excellent.

DrunkLab's picture

Chartreuse and serrano? Woah. I can't even picture how that works. Which means I've got to try it.

Serrano syrup is cool in that you get some of the heat with a lot of the earthy flavor of the pepper, much like how the Rogue Chipotle Ale is only slightly hot but very redolent of chipotle peppers. It's an advantage, in some drinks, over the sharp heat of muddling hot peppers fresh. Not that I don't crave that sometimes.

bza's picture

Yeah, I wanted the vegetal heat of the raw pepper, figuring if the Lawn Dart works with green bell pepper then it would would with hot peppers. I made two drinks with one serrano, and it was definitely spicy but not a challenge.

I also used Malacca figuring that the fruitiness would balance out the heat, which it did nicely, so it might be worth using a fruitier gin, maybe even Hayman's if you don't have the Malacca (which as an aside is generally a pain to mix with, as it is just SO fruity). But if you use serrano syrup an English dry might be better.

DrunkLab's picture

Re: Malacca: really? I've been eyeing it for a while, partly because I keep reading reviews that describe it as being very mixable. I'll have to try it at a bar before purchasing to be on the safe side...

And I somehow forgot about the Chartreuse + green pepper combo in the Lawn Dart despite really liking that drink.

bza's picture

I actually have ended up liking it a lot, but knowing that it was originally used as a replacement for old tom I expected it to be good in drinks like the Martinez, in which it is really overpowering imo. Which means I really only use it as a new ingredient rather than attempting to sub out other gins in recipes. I often make drinks that go 50/50 with another spirit when using it, especially stuff with funk and/or backbone like agricole or mezcal.

I don't think I've come across many recipes with it online, but I'm not sure if that's just because of its limited nature.

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