Mother's Ruin Punch

8 cube Sugar cube
2 oz Soda water
2 oz Lemon juice
2 oz Sweet vermouth (cinnamon-orange tea infused)
4 oz Grapefruit juice
4 oz Gin, Plymouth
3 oz Champagne
6   Grapefruit (wheels, as garnish)
Muddle sugar and soda, add remaining ingredients except Champagne, serve in punch bowl with large block of ice. Top with Champagne and garnish.
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  • A keeper. Triple the recipe at least if you intend to fill a sizable punch bowl. — ☆☆☆☆
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Updated the yield to 12

Updated the yield to 12 (small) drinks. This makes the units come out fairly even for making 1 or a few drinks.

The recipes I've seen

The recipes I've seen floating around specify that the vermouth should be infused with orange-cinnamon tea, and half the champagne indicated.

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I got the Death & Co book

I got the Death & Co book today, and updated the recipe to the specs in it. With 17 oz. of liquid (and assuming a little dilution), I feel comfortable calling this 6 drinks.