Martinez (Dry Variation)

Thought to be the forerunner of the Martini
Stir, strain, up, cocktail, olive or cherry garnish
Can sub Orange Curacao for the Maraschino, but Maraschino is more interesting. Weirdly enough, Vermeire says "This is a Manhattan with gin for the rye", and then proceeds to specify French (dry) vermouth instead of sweet vermouth.
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Created byRobert Vermeire?
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
Reference"Cocktails, How to Mix Them", Robert Vermeire,
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Zachary Pearson on 11/18/2010


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Curated this. I found an attribution (see the link), which may be the first in print citation of a Martinez being gin and dry vermouth. For the purists, the recipe cites 1/4 gill ea of Old Tom and French vermouth, which is a small cocktail. Reverted recipe to the original, added creator and source information.

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