Twist on the Martini/Martinez - spicy and refreshing
Mix all three, stir with ice, our into a martini glass.
No bitters required. Green Chartreuse is complex enough by itself. No garnish required. A twist of lime or lemon would do.
This drink uses the classic "Martinez" ratio but substitutes Green Chartreuse for the Maraschino.
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jsberry on 08/01/2013
J. Stephen Berry Atlanta, GA
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This is essentially a Bijou, sans orange bitters. Try knocking back the Chartreuse to 1/4 oz if you feel it overpowers the drink. Maybe a london dry style gin will work wonders as well.

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Tastes like Chartreuse. But I did use Ransom's, which is halfway there to begin with. Thinking a lemon peel garnish would really add soemthing. Also, that a better vermouth (just killed my Carpano Antiqua on a Martinez this afternoon) and a less assertive gin, say Hayman's or Tanq OT might make a difference.

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Is a part = 1/2 ounce here? I think it would be better to give recipes in ounces or ml.



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Like anything else with more than a splash of chartreuse, it tastes pretty much like chartreuse. Now, I will make this again, with a less assertive gin than Ransoms, and with a better vermouth than M&R, but my hopes aren't h (2 stars)

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