Mandorla Colada

Pisco, Brandy, Maraschino Liqueur, Bitters, Absinthe, Lemon juice, Orgeat, Egg white
34ozLemon juice
14ozMaraschino Liqueur
2dsBitters, Angostura
1dsAbsinthe (optional)
12ozEgg white
Dry shake, the longer the better; shake with ice; strain into something tall over crushed ice.
1. You want a perfumey orgeat with orange blossom water and rose water; otherwise add a drop of each to the cocktail. 2. It should read "almond milk"—KC autocorrects to almond syrup milk. 3. A drop of vanilla extract won't hurt.
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DrunkLab on 08/06/2013
Rafa García Febles, NYC.
AuthenticityOriginal creation

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