Blanco tequila, Sloe gin, Cynar, Maraschino cherry
1 12ozBlanco tequila
34ozSloe gin
1 Maraschino cherry (as garnish)
Stir, strain, straight up, coupe, garnish
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Created byPhil Ward, Mayahuel, New York, NY
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 10/08/2011


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This sounded interesting, but I think it really needs some acid. May give it a try again next time I am stumped by what to do with my sloe gin; I used the Bitter Truth.

mahastew's picture

I feel like it needs a little spice to cut the cough-syrupiness of the sloe gin, like if you cut the amount of Cynar by half and add the same amount of Punt e Mes. Will try that.

Dan's picture

What sloe gin are you using? I find the Plymouth pretty far from cough syrup.

Dan's picture

I haven't tried it, but The Bitter Truth also makes a good one -- reportedly a bit more bitter than Plymouth. I'm not familiar with any others that are worth drinking. The Plymouth sloe gin is a challenging flavor -- definitely not like cherry cough syrup.

Zachary Pearson's picture

Plymouth and TBT are the good ones, with TBT being more bitter. Like most things, cheap sloe gin is bad sloe gin - they're usually flavored instead of infused, and full of sugar.



mahastew's picture

OK, you got me. Not Plymouth. I'll have to give it a try with that, too.

From other users

Complex, with enough bitterness to pull off the lack of acid. Made with reposado, which seemed fine. A sharper, more peppery blanco might be even better. (4 stars)

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