La Primavera nella Campagna

Vodka, Pear eau de vie, Galliano, Rhubarb bitters, Club soda, Meyer lemon juice, Meyer lemon zest, Rhubarb, Tarragon
1ozPear eau de vie
12ozMeyer lemon juice
1sliRhubarb (1", chopped into smaller pieces)
3dsRhubarb bitters
2ozClub soda (or San Pellegrino)
1twstMeyer lemon zest
Muddle the rhubarb, lemon, and bitters in a shaker until broken down. Slap tarragon and muddle/stir it in. Add rest of ingredients except club soda and shake with ice. Strain into a Collins over fresh ice, add club soda, and garnish with a long Meyer lemon spiral.
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DrunkLab on 03/18/2013

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