La Fresa Cocktail

2 oz Tequila, Sauza Hornitos
34 oz Lime juice
2   Strawberry (Each cut up)
1 bsp Balsamic Vinegar
3 oz Lemon soda, San Pellegrino (Limonata)
14 oz Agave syrup
Muddle strawberries, simple syrup and balsamic, add lime juice, tequila and ice. Shake and fine strain into an iced double Old Fashioned rimmed with Cumin Salt. Top with Limonata. And garnish with a lime wheel.
To make the Cumin Salt mix toghether 1 cup Margarita salt, 2 Tbs ground cumin and 1 Tbs ground coriander. Cover and keep in a dry container for up to 6 months.
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I think here it's best to use

I think here it's best to use a really quality aged Balsamic. It will lend sweetness to the beverage that might end up being a little tart, especially if your strawberries are a little unripe.