Jinjer King

Ginger liqueur, Irish whiskey, Tonic water, Ginger shrub, Egg white
Dry shake Canton, Jameson & egg white for ~10 seconds; add ice and shrub and shake till well chilled. Strain into a (8 oz) glass Irish coffee mug and top with tonic--enough to force the meringue over the lip
*for any cold-process shrub: mix equal parts fruit/peel/herb with sugar and apple cider/red wine vinegar; let stand in a mason jar at room temp for 2 days, strain and re-jar; refrigerate for two weeks and keep for 6 months +
One of my cocktailing buddies is a "Big Ginger" fan (a Minneapolis staple), so we were looking to utilize the same flavor elements but with a fuller body and mouthfeel
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Cocktailian on 07/26/2013
Jason Westplate
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Jinjer King

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