Imperial Cossack Crusta

aka Baker's Champagne Cocktail no. IV
1   Lime (or lemon)
1   Fine sugar
2 ds Orange bitters
1 12 oz Cognac
34 oz Kummel
4 oz Champagne
Take a large champagne cocktail glass and ice it well. Split a green lime, or lemon, lengthwise and rub its combined oils and juices over the whole inside of the crystal, and then on out and down a full 1/2" below the rim. First dip into powdered sugar, then fill the whole glass with the sugar-emptying it out and permitting what sticks to remain. . . Now in a bar glass add 2 dashes of orange bitters, 1 jigger cognac and 3/4 oz of Kummel, stirring for a moment with 3 ice cubes. Empty into goblet, fill with chilled dry champagne, toss in a scarlet rose petal and think of slender, pliable Russian Princesses and things!
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