Imperial Cossack Crusta

aka Baker's Champagne Cocktail no. IV
1 Lime (or lemon)
1 Fine sugar
2dsOrange bitters
1 12ozCognac
Take a large champagne cocktail glass and ice it well. Split a green lime, or lemon, lengthwise and rub its combined oils and juices over the whole inside of the crystal, and then on out and down a full 1/2" below the rim. First dip into powdered sugar, then fill the whole glass with the sugar-emptying it out and permitting what sticks to remain. . . Now in a bar glass add 2 dashes of orange bitters, 1 jigger cognac and 3/4 oz of Kummel, stirring for a moment with 3 ice cubes. Empty into goblet, fill with chilled dry champagne, toss in a scarlet rose petal and think of slender, pliable Russian Princesses and things!
Cocktail summary
Created byBaker had it first at the French Concession of Shanghai, but notes that the drink comes from White Russia before the revolution.
ReferenceThe Gentleman's Companion, vol 2 by Charles H. Baker, jr. (1939)
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