I Should Buy A Boat

Champagne, Barbados Rum, Grapefruit juice, Cinnamon syrup, Grapefruit
1 12ozBarbados Rum, Doorly's XO
1ozGrapefruit juice (ruby red)
12ozCinnamon syrup (vanilla-infused)
2ozChampagne (dry)
Shake briefly, strain, lowball, rock, top with Champagne, garnish with grapefruit slice dusted a bit of fresh cinnamon.
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Created byJoseph Tkach, Seattle, WA,.
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
Referencehttp://measureandstir.com/2013/02/01/i-should-buy-a-boat-rum-cinnamon-gr... , via Doug Winship's Pegu Blog
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DrunkLab on 04/24/2013

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