A riff on a Brown Derby
Shake, Strain. Glass: Coupe. Ice: None. Garnish: None
Dark wildflower honey. Ruby Red Grapefruit. Go heavy on your rinse, 1/8 oz in the glass and rolled to the rim should do nicely.
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Created & posted byJames Hensley on 08/22/2012
James Hensley The Patterson House
AuthenticityOriginal creation


christina in tacoma's picture

This rye/grapefruit/walnut combo is such a good idea. I used mostly grapefruit juice and just a little lemon since I had some to finish, and I wanted more walnut in there, so I ended up with .25 oz of Nux Alpina and decreased the honey syrup to .25 oz. I really like my version but I'll try it as written next time- thanks for sharing.

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