Guyana Flip

Flip with rum, nutmeg and cynar, and no cream
2ozRum, El Dorado 5
14ozDemerara syrup
1 Whole egg
Combine all liquids in shaker, the add 1 pinch fresh grated nutmeg and 1 whole egg. Shake without ice. Add large ice cubes and shake very well. Strain into glass without ice, and top with more fresh nutmeg.
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Sasquatch on 02/07/2011
Kyle Davidson, The Violet Hour, Chicago
AuthenticityOriginal creation


Zachary Pearson's picture

Made this tonight. Seems like a great idea - love Demerara rum, love Cynar, love the idea of flips. The rum is obviously present here - that burnt sugar smokyness comes through on the finish nicely. Smells nice, good texture, but the Cynar and Port are lost in the middle of the drink. I think the next go round will be without the Port and a full ounce of Cynar, and probably a dash of Angostura. Other than that, perhaps switching out the Port for something like Domaine Canton Ginger liqueur.

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