Gin Hopper

A bright citrus summer cocktail balanced with the bitterness of Door County hops
1 12ozRangpur Gin, Tanqueray
1ozGin, Death's Door
7drDoor County Hop Bitters, Bittercube
1ozGrapefruit juice (strained)
3twstTangerine peel
1 12ozTonic water
1sliTangerine (wheel)
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add tangerine peel, grapefruit juice, gins and 5 dashes of Bittercube Door County Hop Bitters. Shake until well chilled, strain and then pour into chilled champagne flute. Top off with Tonic Water, float a tangerine wheel and add two final drops of the Bittercube Door County Hop Bitters to complete.
*cut your Tangerine wheels small enough to fit the mouth of a champagne flute
Ira Koplowitz from Bittercube asked me to work on a summer drink that utilizes their new Door County Hop Bitters. This cocktail combines the wonderful citrus notes that we've come to appreciate in combination with hoppy beers.
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Cocktailian on 04/14/2013
Jason Westplate
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Gin Hopper

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