Gascon Smash

Armagnac, Plum Brandy, Plum, Lemon juice, Mint
12ozPlum Brandy
14ozLemon juice
12 Plum (ripe, sliced)
1spgMint (as garnish)
Shake, double strain over crushed ice in a julep cup, garnish with mint, brandied cherries, and a plum slice, serve with straws.
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Created byFrog Princesse
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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DrunkLab on 07/29/2014


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Awesome summer drink, thanks for posting. My armagnac is marie duffau, and I used a mirabelle plum brandy. Next time I'll try my clear creek slivovitz- it's heavier and funkier and I think it would work well too. Worth the hassle of having to unclog plum pulp from the strainer a couple times.

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