For All Of Us

Democratic yet old school
2ozScotch, Highland Park 12
12ozAmer Picon, Amer Boudreau
12ozSweet vermouth
2dsBitters, Angostura
1twstLemon peel
Stir the scotch, amaro, vermouth, and bitters over ice vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with lemon oil.
The evolution of this cocktail started with the My Own cocktail in Esquire's handbook for hosts. I think there is much to do with gin, vermouth, bitters, and liquor. I had just made a batch of Jamie Boudeau's approximation of the old Amer Picon so I wondered what My Own would taste like with my Amer in place of Cherry Heering. The result was pretty decent, but I kept thinking scotch for some reason. The result was somewhat similar to the Dagny Taggart that they serve at Seven Grand in LA.
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Created & posted bykambel on 09/30/2011
AuthenticityOriginal creation
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For All Of Us

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