Fish House Punch (1732)

Jamaican rum, Cognac, Water, Lemon juice, Peach eau de vie, Fine sugar
2ozJamaican rum
14ozPeach eau de vie
1ozLemon juice
1 12tFine sugar
Dissolve sugar in water, mix in liquors and lemon juice, chill, serve with ice.
Many variations of this recipe exist, some calling for more water and some for less; some substitute black tea. You want a dry peach spirit, ideally one that's been barrel-aged, like the brandies by Dutch's and Peach Street; alternately, Laird's Bonded can be substituted. This recipe makes one individual portion.
Cocktail summary
Created byBelieved to have been created in Philadelphia’s fishing club, the State in Schuylkill, also known as the "Fish House".
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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