Eva Peron

Ginger liqueur, Sweet vermouth, Fernet Branca, Ginger beer, Lime juice, Lime
Shake, strain, rocks, collins glass, ginger beer float, garnish
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Created byDarren Crawford, Bourbon and Branch, SF
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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christina in tacoma on 10/05/2011


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Revisited after a couple years in an effort to finish off my bottle of Canton, and I still think this is an amazing drink. I do prefer it with a bit less lime however, and the last couple of times I made it I added a little orgeat since it plays so well with the Fernet Branca and the ginger. I amend my previous comments about the ginger beer being optional- it's a little syrupy without. However, the drink is on the sweet side and the ginger beer only adds to that. I've heard that King's ginger liqueur has more ginger flavor than the Canton that I finally finished, so I wonder if that with regular soda water would give enough ginger kick without getting too sweet.

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Moderated to confirm to larger proportions of Imbibe recipe, which is probably more authoritative, and added lime wheel garnish.

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I would say the ginger beer float is optional; I made this without and the drink was delicious.

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A little orgeat is good. A bit less lime (5 stars)

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