English Basillica

Gin, Lime juice, Egg white, Simple syrup, Aromatized wine, Basil, Orange flower water
1 12ozGin
12ozLillet Blanc
1ozLime juice
12ozSimple syrup (*orange blossom syrup)
1ozEgg white
4drOrange flower water
Muddle basil with juice and syrup. Add rest. Dry shake. Shake well with ice and strain into chilled coupe. Garnish with basil leaf.
*orange blossom simple: 2:1 (sugar:water), 6 drops orange blossom drops per cup of syrup.
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Sandy De Almeida's picture
Sandy De Almeida on 11/14/2011
Sandy De Almeida, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
AuthenticityOriginal creation

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