emerald city

Gin, Orgeat, Lime juice, Herbal liqueur, Apple, Mint
2ozGin, Tanqueray 10
12ozLime juice
14ozGreen Chartreuse
14 Apple, Granny Smith
1lfMint (garnish)
Muddle apple, mint, orgeat, and lime juice in cocktail shaker. Add ice, gin, and chartreuse. Shake and double-strain into chilled cocktail glass. Add mint garnish.
Can also use regular Tanqueray.
Cocktail summary
Created byadapted from Troy Tindal, Prairie Ale House, Minneapolis, MN
Posted byporkpan on 07/27/2013


Smells of gin and mint garnish. Tastes strongly of gin, but with nice undertones of sweet and tart. Can even pick up traces of the herbelness in the Chartreuse. Ratios are perfect. I really like it.

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