Easy Street Fizz

Gin, Elderflower liqueur, Egg white, Club soda, Lemon juice
1 12ozGin (cucumber infused)
1ozElderflower liqueur, St. Germain
34ozLemon juice
1 Egg white
1ozClub soda (1-2 ounces)
Add all but soda to a shaker. Dry shake vigorously, then shake with ice. Pour into a medium water glass, and top with soda.
Original specifies Hendricks gin and two thin slices cucumber in place of the infused gin.
Cocktail summary
Created byAnthony Schmidt, Noble Experiment, San Diego, California
AuthenticityAltered recipe
Posted byCraig E on 07/30/2014


After posting, I realized this looks like Schmidt's takeoff from his own Easy Street (with the addition of egg white being the main difference).

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Easy-going. (5 stars)

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