Dolores no.2

Rye, Overproof rum, Amaretto, Bourbon, Lime juice, Crème de bergamote, Orgeat, Hot sauce, Rich demerara syrup 21, Mint
12ozOverproof rum
1ozRye, Rittenhouse 100
13ozCrème de bergamote, Briottet
16ozBourbon, Buffalo Trace
1ozLime juice (< less if needed)
1dsRich demerara syrup 21
2dsHot sauce, Tabasco
1spgMint (Garnish)
Shake over ice then serve in a collins over freshly cracked ice. Garnish
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Jonny's picture
Jonny on 10/07/2011
Jonny Almario, Hawthorn Lounge, Wellington, New Zealand
AuthenticityOriginal creation

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