Bitters, Rye, Pineapple juice, Cinnamon syrup
Shake, strain, serve up.
Can use plain simple with a sprinkle of cinnamon
Cocktail summary
Created byAdam McGee Flatiron Lounge, NYC
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
Posted byendless_optimism on 07/11/2010


After much snooping around, and I'm sure more-than-slightly awkward intrusions into the personal lives of Flatiron veterans Damon Dyer, Giuseppe Gonzalez (and even Julie Reiner herself) I found that the actual creator of this masterpiece is in fact ADAM McGEE (aka, the most badass bartender you've never heard of, says Giuseppe). The ratios are forgiving, so tweak them to taste...I especially like that. BTW, fresh unseetened pineapple juice is a must; NO CANS. Also, 2:1 Canella cinnamon works best for the syrup. Make this often... Savor it in a Swizzle, shoot it short, sip it up. Just don't forget to say, "Adam McGee!" (which sorta means !Sláinte! in NYC Tiki-speak).

Thanks. I edited the attribution. And while I'm sure it's *better* with fresh pineapple juice I've made it many times with canned and still really enjoy it.

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This drink makes me wish I could buy Angostura in liter-sized bottles. Wow. Spice was a bit too dominant for me, but an extra 1/2 oz of pineapple juice balanced it out, taming the spice without over-sweetening.

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