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Gin, Dry vermouth, Lemon juice, Egg white, Raspberry syrup
1 12ozGin
34ozDry vermouth
34ozLemon juice
14ozRaspberry syrup
12 Egg white
Dry shake, add ice, shake hard to incorporate egg whites. Strain into cocktail glass. A few raspberries on a pick as garnish is nice when in season.
The original recipe posted was 5 raspberries muddled into 1.75 oz. dry gin, 1/2 oz ea. lemon juice and simple and an egg white.
Originally, this was 1:1:1:1 with 1/2 an egg white.
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Created byPaul Lowe, "Drinks, How to Mix and Serve"
AuthenticityAltered recipe
Posted byendless_optimism on 07/11/2010


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the PDT recipe: 2oz Plymouth Gin, 3/4oz lemon juice, 1/2oz simple syrup, 1 bsp Bonne Mamman raspberry preserves, and 1 egg white. Dry shake, shake w/ ice, and strain into a chilled egg coupe

Various different versions of this recipe use grenadine or raspberry syrup in place of the raspberries, and/or dry vermouth. For example, see Julie Reiner's spec from Clover Club in NY - 1.5 Gin, 1/2 dry vermouth, 1/2oz raspberry syrup, 1/2oz lemon juice.

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Does anyone have an issue if I fix this drink to this: - it's 1.5/.75/.75/.25. I can also add a note that it was originally 1:1:1:1 which is way too sweet for modern palates.



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I made this both ways tonight, and it definitely needs the dry vermouth. I also like the 6:3:3:1 ratio. Interestingly, the raspberry + lemon makes pink grapefruit in the same way the Jasmine does with Campari + lemon.



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I honestly have never made the version with dry vermouth before, but from the ratios that Cold Glass gives, it sounds fantastic. No objections from me.

From other users

3/8 oz raspberry syrup; Substitute 3/4 oz grenadine, omit vermouth for Joy's version (5 stars)
Use 3:1:1:1 ratio. Homemade raspberry syrup. 1 egg white for 2 drinks works well. (5 stars)
Haven't tried the raspberry version. I've used 1.5 oz gin, 0.5 oz homemade grenadine, 0.75 oz lemon, and egg white. (4 stars)

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