Cognac, Bitters, Lime juice, Ginger ale, Simple syrup, Mint
1 12ozCognac, Rémy Martin VSOP
1ozLime juice
12ozSimple syrup
1ozGinger ale
1dsBitters, Angostura (or Angostura orange)
1spgMint (as garnish, smacked)
Gently muddle mint, simple & lime; build; stir; smack and garnish
The Centaur is the logo of Rémy Martin.
According to Darcy O'Neil, the history of this drink is unknown, but he believes that it is a relatively new concoction, created by Rémy Martin. The only other reference to this drink is on their website and in a bartending trade magazine.
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Created byRemy Martin
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
Posted byBudstockwell on 10/21/2012


tasty even when we didn't have mint. Put lime zest for garnish

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Moderated to conform to Darcy's recipe, which is not currently on the Rémy Martin site, and to simplify the instructions. Lime juice should be fresh, not Rose's, as lime cordial would make this way too sweet. The current Rémy Martin site lists a variant, the Centaur Spice, which lacks the lime and mint.

Thank you. I am new to the site and still learning how to use it. I had wanted to say use fresh lime juice as well as using homemade simple syrup. I'll get the hang of it. Love the site and I am excited to try new things and hope to have something decent to offer as well.

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No ginger ale on hand so I used ginger beer. (4 stars)

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