Dark rum, Bitters, Egg white, Lime juice, Honey, Orange peel
2ozDark rum
1 12tHoney (or more, to taste)
2tLime juice (or so, to taste)
2tEgg white
3drBitters, Angostura (as garnish)
1twstOrange peel (as garnish)
Dry shake, add ice, shake, strain, cocktail glass, dot top with bitters, garnish with twist
Calls for strained honey; not needed today
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Created byCharles H. Baker, Gentleman's Companion
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 06/06/2010


The linked recipe calls for 1.5 t honey, not 1.5 oz.

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Thanks. Fixed oz -> tsp.

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Updated to clarify ingredients, quantities, and method. Bitters corrected from Angostura Orange to regular Angostura.

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