Black Rainbow

modern take on the old school flip- the american drink before the cocktail
4ozAle, New Holland Dragon's Milk Ale
34ozRye, Bulleit (honey ginger infused)
1 Egg white
6drChicory bitters
Pour stout into rocks glass. Dry shake rye with egg white, add crushed ice, then hard shake about 45 seconds. Float honey ginger egg foam over a bar spoon slowly at first with a quick drop to form the middle layer. Drop chickory bitters onto the top of the drink, in a star or hex or triangle if you like, but NEVER a smiley face.
The final beverage should look like it goes from black as the abyss on bottom and billowy white clouds atop with luscious brownish bubbly layers in between.Very rich and light, dessert like and somewhat sweet. To make the honey-ginger Rye, take 10 oz by weight of honey with 50-65 grams thin sliced ginger and infuse with 16 oz rye for at least 4 hours, but up to 24.
I made this after i read about the early colonial 'flip' that used whole eggs, high gravity ale and varied spices from publican to publican, but always cooked with a fire poker and flipped between two heavy mugs and fortified with a spirit. Also oft served with a chunk of bread in it to be nutritive as well as cure what ailed you. I wanted a more modern approach and and something a little more quenching and less burnt and gross. Here you go invent your own!
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purple gangsters on 01/24/2012
David Porcaro, the Oakland Art Novelty Company Ferndale(N of Detroit) Mi
AuthenticityOriginal creation
Referencedirectly inspired by article from zymurgy, spring-summer 2011


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Curated this: Moved instructions for making the infused rye to the notes section, changed the type of beer to Ale (instead of Stout - New Holland calls their beer an Ale). Removed shaking instructions from the egg white entry. Changed bitters from House made to Homemade. Do you have a recipe you'd like to share for them? 

Do you shake the egg white and rye just for the foam it creates, or is the rye added to the drink? 

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thanks for your help.
its just a foam that add another layer and texture to what the stout brings. this is a heavy and strong (10%abv) beer.
chicory bitters recipe will follow shortly.

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