Bison Drop

A true adult lemonade sipper. Perfect afternoon cocktail.
1 12ozBison grass vodka
12ozElderflower liqueur, St. Germain
12ozLemon juice
12ozHoney syrup (infused - see note)
2dsOrange bitters, Bitter Truth Orange
1sliLemon (as garnish)
Shake all ingredients and strain into an old fashioned glass over ice. Drop lemon wheel into drink.
To make infused honey syrup, cook with Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Orange Peels. Strain with coffee filter for clear syrup.
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rwilde on 09/23/2011
Rachel Wilde, Indian Road Cafe, NYC
AuthenticityOriginal creation
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Bison Drop
Bison Drop


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Curated to tweak the brand of orange bitters, and to move the instructions for making the honey syrup to the Notes section.

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This sounds very nice and the name gave me a chuckle. I added the garnish to the ingredients and clarified the copyright on the image. Thanks!

It's a nice-sounding drink...not having a lemon handy, and the time or energy to make infused honey syrup, I substituted a half-oz of Limoncello (Pallini) and squeezed a wedge of lime for a bit of tartness. Worked pretty well, when I added another wedge (1/4 lime total) and another oz. of Zubrowka, it got even better. Served it in a chilled cocktail glass.

Went out and bought lemons, will make the honey syrup tonight and try out the original recipe...I'm doing the research for my mom's 80th birthday celebration cocktail (Zubrowka is her favorite "hard" liquor), and this appears to be a winner. Plus, it has St. Germain (my elderflower liqueur of choice) could it not be good?

Round 2...made the drink according to recipe proportions. Good, but a bit cloying, too much sweet and sour. Serving over ice with a dash of soda ala a mojito helped.

Round 3...halved the amount of honey syrup and St. Germain, switched to Bittercube's Cherry Bark bitters, served in a short glass over ice with a spritz of club soda and lemon twist garnish. Nice, lets the grassy almost pipe-tobacco qualities of the Zubrowka stand out. A it the "Bison Jump".

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Adult Lemonade. Easy to drink, perfect for a summer afternoon cocktail. (5 stars)

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