Big Apple

Taking Manhattan to a slightly more rustic place
1 12 oz Apple brandy, Lairds
34 oz Sweet vermouth, Dolin
12 oz Amontillado Sherry
3 ds Bitters
Stir with ice and strain; serve either up or in rocks glass with single large cube; garnish with lemon or orange twist.
Adjust sherry depending on strength of the ingredients (especially the vermouth - meatier vermouths such as Punt y Mes might need 3/4 oz sherry)
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I had the sherry out so I

I had the sherry out so I just made this and it is very accurately named. I used Carpano and it somehow makes the Laird's taste more apple-y. Definitely an easy drinking cocktail. Thanks!

I came across this tonight

I came across this tonight and think it's outstanding. For the vermouth I used Perucchi (Spanish vermouth) and it smoothed out the Laird's nicely. Speaking of Spanish vermouth, the Lacuesta rojo is so sherry-like I could leave out the amontillado!

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I have a bottle of Perucchi

I have a bottle of Perucchi (blanc) but I've not yet opened it as I had to go to some effort to find it- glad to hear it's good. Now I need to check out Lacuesta; haven't heard of it before, but I love sherry so I bet I'd like it. Hopefully it isn't too hard to source.