Autumn's Dawn

When the sun sets earlier and we return to a dark time of the year, Autumn in New England is a bittersweet transition period. We have hay rides, cider, pumpkin pies and all other delights. With an applejack base, the sweet and spicy background of Domaine de Canton and Maple Syrup, and a flamed orange peel brings out the bonfires and waning backyard barbeques as we settle in for Winter's chill.
Shaken, served up with a flamed orange peel as garnish.
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Created & posted byChefcai on 09/07/2011
Cai Walkowiak, Green Land Cafe, Salem, MA
AuthenticityOriginal creation


stephthegeek's picture

Loved the flavours, but will make with less maple syrup next time... a bit too sweet for me.

I think steph is spot on here. Nice flavors and complexity but a lot too sweet for me. I wonder how we could maintain the same amount of maple essence without so much sugar.

Oh, and I also used Clear Creek's Eau de Vie de Pomme - wonderful.

If you want more maple flavor without quite so much sweetness, try using a touch of something such as Frontier's Maple flavoring. You'll need to experiment to find out how much to use, but I think it would probably accomplish what you want. Even better, if you could get your hands on some Green Mountain Organic Maple Liqueur, I bet using 1/2 oz. of that in place of the maple syrup might do the trick.

Zachary Pearson's picture

Muddling a small amount (1/2 tsp) fenugreek seeds might enhance the maple flavor - it's in imitation maple syrup.



rwilde's picture

Used Clear Creek "Eau de Vie de Pomme" instead of Lairds. Absolutely amazing.

From other users

Cut back on maple syrup a bit. (4 stars)
Sub Clear Creek for Lairds. Light and refreshing yet still full of fall. (5 stars)

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