Arrack Apricot Sour

Batavia Arrack, Apricot liqueur, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Chocolate bitters
Shake, strain, up, drizzle chocolate bitters.
Stephen Shellenberger: the best drink i've had in recent months was an batavia arrack apricot sour (with egg white) this matched my mood perfectly which is important with a drink... i don't think i ever noticed the bitters. they were drizzled on top... i could smell the wine of the people next to me and lots of food... hopefully it had a subliminal effect...
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Created byStephen Shellenberger, Pomodoro, Brookline, MA.
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DrunkLab on 04/03/2013


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Very nice. Just bought van Oosten Arrack today, so this is my first drink with it. The flavour reminds me of the scent of old logs (in a good way).

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