Apple and Eve

CINCO lounge version of the Appletini
2 38ozBison grass vodka
1ozLemon juice
23ozGomme syrup
2tEgg white
12 Apple, Granny Smith
1sliApple, Granny Smith
1bspBrown sugar
Muddle, dry shake, shake all and double strain
Put the brown sugar which is mixed with cinnamon powder on the apple wedge and burn with a blow torch to caramelize
Created for CINCO lounge first cocktail menu
Cocktail summary
Created & posted bysmokebone5 on 12/13/2011
David Palethorpe
AuthenticityOriginal creation


Zachary Pearson's picture

Curated slightly to change Granny Smiths to Granny Smith, and to change Granny Smith Apple as an ingredient to Apple, Granny Smith.

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