Amaretto Sour (Jeffrey Morgenthaller)

Amaretto, Bourbon, Lemon juice, Maraschino cherry, Egg white, Simple syrup, Lemon peel
1 12ozAmaretto, Lazzaroni
34ozBourbon, Booker's (or other overproof)
1ozLemon juice
1tSimple syrup (2:1)
12ozEgg white
1twstLemon peel (as garnish)
1 Maraschino cherry (brandied, as garnish)
Dry shake, shake, strain, rocks, lowball, garnish
Luxardo amaretto is also excellent.
Jeffrey's elevation of a novice drink into an interesting modern sour
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Created byJeffrey Morganthaller, Portland, OR
AuthenticityAltered recipe
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Dan on 03/18/2012


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This formula works well with various amari in place of the amaretto (adjust the amount of simple syrup according to each's dryness), and is good for making approachable, balanced sours out of accessible liqueurs. E.g., a St. Germain Sour with lime instead of lemon, no egg white, and high proof gin or Wray & Nephew rum instead of bourbon.

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I tried this (although without the simple). I guess the "world's best Amaretto Sour" is like the world's best Appletini. It was enjoyable, and the Booker's definitely helps. I used Luxardo Amaretto, perhaps the best available. I tried it and then doubled the Booker's. I would make this for someone looking for an accessible cocktail. The egg white makes a very nice foam, although without the added simple, it was a bit alum-like.

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this is yum (5 stars)

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