Admiral Schley Punch

Bourbon, Virgin Islands Rum, Lime, Sugar, Pineapple, Mint
1ozVirgin Islands Rum, Cruzan Blackstrap
1ozBourbon, Bulleit
1 Lime
1spgMint (as garnish)
1wdgPineapple (if desired)
Peel and juice lime; add juice and zest to shaker with rum, bourbon, and sugar. Shake, pour without straining, garnish with slapped mint sprig.
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Created byModernization by Maggie Hoffman for Serious Eats of a recipe from Charles Baker.
AuthenticityAltered recipe
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DrunkLab on 03/18/2013


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I'd think a scant ounce of dark rum plus a bar spoon of Lemon Hart 151 would work.



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Interested to see how the Cruzan Rum with its blackstrap molasses and the hint of coffee and dark liquorice flavours within works together with the Bourbon.
Could you substitute the Cruzan with another Dark Rum? Would it effect the flavour?

Anyway cant wait to make and try this on the weekend!

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The Cruzan is hard to substitute for; generally, I would use another dark rum (Gosling's or one of the Jamaicans will do) and perhaps add a touch of actual molasses to the drink.

In this particular case, another dark rum will work fine, although it won't make its presence known quite as much.

From other users

Great recipe, liked the flavour combinations. Acidity/sour taste of the lime worked in well. Good for a summer cocktail menu. Could be adapted? (4 stars)

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