A Punch for Galen('s Crotch)

Scotch, Amaretto, Ginger beer, Lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup, Blackstrap molasses, Sugar, Cinnamon stick
16ozScotch (Speyburn Bradan Orach)
4ozLemon juice
2ozAmaretto, Lazzaroni
2ozGrade B maple syrup
12TBlackstrap molasses
12spgCinnamon stick
1ptGinger beer, Gosling's
Mix everything but the Ginger beer into a 750mL bottle a couple hours in advance, shaking until the sugar & molasses dissolves. Pour 3 oz over a few ice cubes, splash with Ginger beer.
A Champagne flute works nice, especially if you use refrigerator-dispenser ice cubes.
A riff on the Maple Leaf & Godfather for a buddy's Holiday brunch.
Cocktail summary
Created & posted bysrivers on 12/09/2012
me in my kitchen, Boulder, CO
AuthenticityOriginal creation
ReferenceMaple Leaf: http://drinkdogma.com/the-maple-leaf-cocktail/ Godfather: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godfather_(cocktail)

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